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Lo Shu Deck - Numerology Readings Made Easy!

The Lo Shu Deck is a custom designed deck of cards used while giving a numerology reading. The deck puts the meanings of the numbers on display as an integral part of the reading, making it quick and easy to start giving readings.

If you've ever wanted to give readings but got bogged down in how much there is to learn, Lo Shu Numerology readings are the way to go. You'll be giving accurate (and fun!) numerology readings faster than you can imagine.

It's so much easier than other systems because of the Lo Shu Deck plus the online tutorial videos that walk you through the process, step-by-step.

  • Get the Lo Shu Deck that does all the work, a velvet drawstring bag to carry the cards in, online step-by-step instructions, tutorial videos, and a bonus.
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Lo Shu Deck - Numerology Readings Made Easy!

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