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Coincidence At Play

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A fun close-up or parlor magic routine (with a mentalism flavor and an “OMG!” ending) that revolves around the game of chess!


The Effect: The performer shows six square cards, each with the image of a chess board setup. On each card a different piece is missing — a pawn on one, a rook on another, etc. He then shows the backs of those cards and each is numbered from 1 to 6. Those cards are laid aside for now.

A deck of cards is introduced and instead of playing cards on the faces, there are pictures of chess pieces, one piece on each card. A spectator is asked to pull a card from the deck and place it face down on the table. A chess piece has now been randomly chosen.

Returning to the chess boards, the magician shows six square chips, each with a different number, 1 through 6, on the face. A spectator shakes them in a cup and dumps them out, discarding any that are face down. This continues until only one square is face up and the chess board with the matching number is placed on the table. A chess board has now been randomly chosen.

Turning over the board and then the card with the chess piece, everybody now sees that the chess piece is the exact match to the one missing on the chess board!

Perfect as a “synchronicity” routine for couples.

Chess has been going strong for about 1,500 years and is going through kind of a "fad" phase right now (the Netflix series The Queen's Gambit, etc.) so there's never been a better time to introduce a chess-themed routine into your act._(And even after the fad fades, whenever that will be, the game of chess is still such a big part of most cultures that the routine will continue to feel relevant to audiences.)

Coincidence At Play is a close-up effect, but "plays big enough" that it could be used in a parlor-type situation. I make a couple changes to the props and it's perfect for that -- and I show you the way to make those changes yourself, too.

Skill Level Needed -- And Is It Magic Or Mentalism...?

I wouldn't exactly call it self-working, but there's no sleight of hand required to perform and no "gimmicks" to go haywire, so you can focus on the presentation. (That's the way I like my routines.)

Coincidence At Play is a fun routine to perform and fun and mystifying for your audience. While not technically a mentalism piece, it can easily be used as a way to get to the subject of mental powers, intuition, etc.

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And you’ll be able to download the PDF within 10 minutes after paying — no need to wait for someone to wake up or get back from holiday to mail you a link.

We’re not Neanderthals, after all!

The downloadable instructions include everything you need to get started:

- The Method

- The Preparation

- The Presentation and Script

- Miscellaneous Notes

- Resources

Plus, it also includes a "Print Your Own Props" section that allows you to print the chess boards, number chips, and chess piece cards needed to perform the routine! Sure, you need to do a bit of "arts and crafts" but that allows you to put your own spin on the props and you can get up to speed even before the "real" props arrive!

Get Coincidence At Play now -- satisfaction guaranteed. (Yeah, on a magic trick. Go figure!)

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Props, comprehensive instructions including presentation script, and tutorial videos to get you going fast!

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Coincidence At Play

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